Atelier Février designs high-end and timeless rugs, designed in France and hand-woven in Nepal.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of everyday life and departing from trends, Atelier Février is a true reflection of the simplest elements of nature and life, combining tradition and modern design.

Atelier Février’s signature patterns are richly detailed, and highlighted by a unique colors palette and original cutouts. The designs are the result of a thorough manual process for a natural finish. First hand-drawn on paper, then scaled and hand-knotted by expert weavers, the production steps involve the combined workforce of around 50 people. Each rug is therefore unique due to its handmade nature.

Atelier Février’s creations are made from premium Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Tibetan wool, known for concentrating a high content of lanolin that protects the rug over time, and allows it to age beautifully. The selected silk is the finest from China, for added lustre and durability, ensuring the long-term use of the rugs in personal and public spaces.

The average turnaround time to make a piece is of at least 14 weeks. Fair trade standards and environmentally friendly work methods are at the core of Atelier Février’s approach. Atelier Février is committed to using 100% natural fibers and colors, ethical work opportunities in Nepal and Tibet, and promoting traditional Asian craftsmanship.