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About us

At Atelier Février, we design and create luxury bespoke rugs to enhance interior surroundings. From hotels to fashion boutiques, offices and living spaces, let a statement Février rug become the centre of your contemporary interior environment.

Our eco-friendly rugs fuse modern art with traditional design to create truly unique centrepieces. We aspire to create woven pieces that are entirely original and personalised. French designer, Florian Pretet replicates his designs onto rugs precisely as they are on paper, they are then hand-knotted in the Himalayas following age-old techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Since launching in 2015, Février rugs have already sealed their status among the textile design ranks, having been featured in renowned publications such as ‘Vogue Casa Brazil’, ‘Architectural Digest’ France and USA, ‘Marie Claire Maison’, ‘Milk France’, ‘Cover Magazine’ and ‘Elle Decoration’ France.

The Creation

We opt for traditional hand-crafted methods which result in the highest quality rugs ideal for both commercial or domestic spaces. Each rug is the result of a combined workforce of more than 50 people. Every process is done by hand for a natural aesthetic; the designs begin as hand-rendered drawings on paper then scaled up and hand-knotted in Nepal.

The use of the best quality wool from Tibet not only adds lustre, durability and beautiful finish but is also stain resistant due to its resilient long fibers and high lanolin content.

Bespoke Rugs

We believe that the beauty of our rug not only lies in the design and the technique but also in the fact that each rug can be unique and customized. The designs begin as hand-rendered drawings on paper so this gives you the possibility to participate in the making of you own rug. Not only can you select the color, size and material as per your desire but you can also work with the designer to create a completely new design. We will guide you through the process to make sure that your rug is exactly how you want it to be.

The average turnaround, depending on size and style, is approximately 8 weeks or more.

Natural and Ethical

At Atelier Fevrier, we pride ourselves in our fair trade standards and eco-friendly work methods; we only use 100% natural fabrics and dyes. By involving a 50-person workforce, we are not only creating ethical work opportunities for those in Nepal and Tibet but are also promoting traditional Asian craftsmanship.


Meet the Team


Textile designer, Florian Pretet graduated from the prestigious Parisian design school, Studio Berçot in 2009 and comes from a family of artists. Having worked in the fashion industry for several years and with valuable experience working for the production facility of a prestigious French brand in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he became inspired to put his undying love of patterns into production.

In his own words: “I have always been obsessed with prints, ever since I can remember. After completing my fashion studies in Paris, I lived in Nepal on-and-off for 3 years, where I was inspired to create something closely related to fashion but not necessarily clothes. I wanted to create something that would reflect my drawings just as I drew them on paper. The answer was Février rugs. With Février, we produce the exact replica of my drawings.”


Lisa grew up in both India and Nepal, the latter where she would meet her future husband and business partner, Florian. A commercially-minded businesswoman, Lisa resides in Toulouse, France with her family and has experience running her own business in Nepal and working as an eCommerce marketing manager for a luxury fashion webstore. Her business-savvy acumen combined with Florian’s design talents are a match made in heaven for Atelier Février.